Thursday, June 04, 2009

Another year passed by

I often say that I don't know where time goes and I honestly don't. I am turning thirty next month and I have no idea how that happened. Where did the years go?

I still feel as twenty three and whenever my mother in law tells me I have to start using anti wrinkle eye cream I feel as if she is not talking to me. Me use anti wrinkle cream? I haven't even got any wrinkles, I'm only twenty something... Or so I keep telling myself.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Shall we get personal?

The question as to how personal we should be when we are on the net is a question that comes up all the time. These days you need to give out personal details for almost anything, from registration to getmultiple auto insurance quotes. There is always some detail needed.

Is an email address personal? How personal? Why are we so afraid of giving out our email address? Because we don't want spam mail? With a good spam filter that shouldn't happen.

Some people don't mind giving out personal details while others want to stay as anonymous as possible.

How much personal info should we give away? What is defined as personal?

Time management for Women Business Owners

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Time management is important for everyone, but it’s one of the most important things for women business owners to have in order to be successful. It’s also one of the toughest things we face.

Mom’s that own businesses have a lot to balance on a day to day basis. There is the laundry, the dishes, the children, and all the business tasks that must be attended to on a daily or weekly basis. Finding the time to get everything done in a day and still have time for the family can be tricky. Time management can help with part of this each day.

When you are using time management skills, you need to not only manage your business this way, but you need to manage your family as well. The reason for this is you need to manage everything together or none of it will work. Your business and family go hand in hand.

We have many options when it comes to time management and each option should be reviewed and considered. You never know what you might find that works for you and your family. There are many time management choices and we will discuss them so you can make an educated decision.

• Online planner
There are several online planners you can use. Do a search for online planner or calendar to see what comes up. Some may have small fees while others are free of charge. A few examples would be Yahoo Calendars, Google Calendars, or Outlook, via your email.

• Personal day planner
These are like a notebook and may come with a cover. There are several types to choose from. You can have a calendar only which vary in size from pocket sized to 8x12. These are usually spiral bound as well. There are other types that have a monthly overview calendar and a larger calendar to write appointments on. These are usually larger in size and maybe wider as well.

• Wall or desk calendar
The wall calendar is one that you can get at a book store and hangs on the wall. You will have one month per page and the size is usually 8x11 per month. The desk calendars are the flat type that lay on your desk like a place mat. These are usually bigger in size and range in size from 22x17 or larger.

Once you decide on a planner that will meet your needs, you need to train yourself to write down all appointments. One way to do this is put a sticky note on your computer that says calendar appointments. Another way is to ask your family members to help you remind you to do this. Statistics show if you do something continually for 7-15 days, it will become habit and you won’t forget. The same is true with calendaring. If you find a way to remember to write down everything you need to do each day it will become habit and you will have trained yourself to do it each and every day.

When you figure out how to use time management, not only will you be successful at remembering what you need to do, but you will find you have more time to get things done because you aren’t at a loss for what needs to be accomplished.

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Corrie Petersen runs a successful Virtual Assistant business. She enjoys helping others reach their goals and dreams. Check out her website at

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Being Who God Made Me

Lately I have been reminded of accepting who God made me and what I've become. I am responsible for my body and should take care of it. Instead of trying to find the most effective diet pills or go on a crash diet just before a trip I should plan ahead.

My upcoming trip to Sweden has reminded me of that. I started thinking about that perhaps I should shape up a bit before I go, but I decided not to go through the stress. Instead I will do what I have to and try not to stress about it. I am no longer that skinny teenager, but a mother and woman and there is no need to try and go back to what once was.

I much more prefer to have a nice trip accepting who I am today than trying to be something I'm not.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Modern, cool or practical?

When I was younger I didn't think too much about practicality. I wanted things to be cool or modern, practical was a second option or even third or fourth.

These days I think differently. Even if I had money to buy a Ferrari It woulds till be more difficult to find Ferrari parts than it would be to find Volvo parts. See and that is where practicality comes in, I would prefer to have a car that is not as fancy but that will get me where I want to get to.

It seems to me though that practicality is not as important nowadays, even less than it was when I was a teenager. This is also affection our well being and health. Young girls, small little girls are using high heels from early on and are left with heel problems for the rest of their lives. Because of what? Because it was cool, and very modern at the time. When they are older and are having problems with their feet who will they blame? Most likely their moms who let them use it.

I so prefer to be practical then modern or cool, less of a headache.

Fewer calories for life

When we women get together and start talking about how to lose weight numerous weight loss pills, diets, home made weight loss remedies etc are mentioned. We all want to know a quick way to get rid of that little (or a lot of) extra we are carrying around.

What's often not mentioned is the best way of them all; fewer calories for life. By eating healthily always you don't need to go on a crash diet later on. I've told you several times here that I don't believe in diets or weight loss pills and I am so happy that moms over at Mom Bloggers Club think the same. Over at the running group you can read about "Fewer calories for life" and follow the interesting and encouraging discussions about running and a healthy life.

Another tips is to join Sparkpeople and get great tips everyday directly in your inbox. There are no excuses for not living a healthy life.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

You get what you pay for...

Last week I had to go into town to buy shoes for my son and I found it be no easy task. My son wanted a pair of Spiderman sneaker or even better; Ben 10. Well my budget couldn't really afford that because he needed a few other things as well so it was frugality mode that was on. I did find a pair of Spiderman sneakers that were within a reasonable price range but I was quite shocked when one of the salesmen told me that the sneakers were not legitimate.

I said "but how can you sell that?" I was referring to the shop being an established business and even if I know their shoes are not the best quality always I didn't think they wouldn't be legitimate. The response was "well people wants it". Which was a pretty simple answer, and at the same time I realized that the pair of Spiderman sneakers we bought for my son a few months ago from the same place probably were not legitimate either only that I never knew it. They fell apart after a few days so I should have thought about it...

Brazil is totally different from Europe and USA when it comes to shopping. There you could probably find UGG Australia boots without a problem whereas here shoes like that caters to a totally different social class and would be difficult to find.

In the end I did find a pair of sneakers for my son that were of good quality and at an affordable price. Now next month it's my turn, I like Reebok but will probably go for another (legitimate) brand within my spending budget.

Friday, April 24, 2009

On the frugal side

At the moment I am being quite frugal because I want to save some extra money, which includes avoiding anything that says sale. Actually I am pretty frugal already but it can always improve and I've slipped a bit lately.

If you need to save some extra money there are thousands of ways you can do that. I was extra happy when I found the "Wanting what you have" blog. It is a wonderful blog for anyone who wants to save money or just learn how to do things in a frugal and natural way.

Heather, the blogger, has got several tutorials on how to make things yourself the frugal and natural way. I found a nice post about how to make your own baby wipes, I will definitely be trying that if/when there is another bay in the house and I will recommend it to my friends.

Another place I'm checking out in order to become even more frugal is the Totally Frugal forums. I especially like the sub forum with lots of ideas on how to make your own things like soap etc.

I'm sure that in these times economic crisis everyone no one will say no to some extra money. What are you doing that is frugal?

When Life Gives You Lemons

I never really did understand the expression "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" until recently when I took time to think about what it means. Now I think it is a great expression and something we should all keep in mind.

Life is hard, for you, me, and the rest of the world. It doesn't matter what, we all have something we are thinking about and something we want to change in our lives. It can be small things, bigger problems, life changing or not significant at all, but we all have something that we would like to change.

If you are overweight you can try all million examples of fat burners, call them Betastax, magic diet pill or whatever you like, but unless you treat the real problem they won't help much. If you instead make lifelong changes and start eating healthily it will make all the difference in the long run. Moaning about being overweight and not doing anything about it definitely won't change anything.

It's all about how we deal with our problems and what we learn from them. We never appreciate problems when we are living inside of them but once they are gone we can see what we learned.

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"

*When searching for this expression I found Krista's blog with the appropriate name. Unfortunately her blog's name is a bit too appropriate at the moment when her family is suffering with the loss of a dear family member and hoping for a speedy recover for other family members. All the best to you and your family Krista.


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