Thursday, December 07, 2006

Happiness starts with....

Nice parents that take care of you when you need it. But unfortunatly we cannot depend on our parents forever. Therefore we need to make sure we have a good education so we can bevome independant. Once independant we can find a good job and start building our life.
Usually when we are around 15-16 years of age we start to think: hmmm what should I become?

Well some people wants to become teachers, some doctors, some want become lawyers and make good money.
And then there are those that don't think about topjobs. They just want to get by and will take whatever job's available.
And when you've finished highschool? You want to study more but you also have to work.
Then what do you do? The answer could be : Online Studies!
Did you kow that nowadays you can actually study almost anything over the internet.

You can get a part time degree, graduate highschool degree, online diploma in almost any subject. You can even get a Harvard online degree!
There are lots of online distance education that you can take part of if you haven't got the time to study at a normal school.
Search Google for online college and universities and you shall find what you are looking for!

So to get happy we usually need a good education that results in a good job.

Happy studies!

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Linda said...

You cannot get a Harvard degree completely online.
You can earn a graduate certificate in environmental management or applied sciences completely online and can earn most of the credits online for the master of liberal arts in information technology. A one semester residency is required.

I believe Stanford does offer a master's degree in electrical engineering completely online.

Lindsey said...

Good information Linda! Thanks!


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