Saturday, December 09, 2006

Last minute presents for her

Well there might be some of you that still have to buy gifts for someone. Don't know what to buy?
Well we'll start with the ladies first no1 tip: Beauty!

A woman has to take care of her beauty and we women are normally quite vain.
So what better than to treat your friend/mother/auntie to some beauty products?

There are plenty of options out there, you just need to make sure it suits your pocket.

Well first out we have: Make-Up . A web store where you choose your brand and then order. you can order buy phone or by internet. They offer free shipping if the order is above $20.

For those in the UK there is ShopSafe. They recommend several shops and have good gift ideas aswell.

If you want something more exclusive, why not have a look at Sephoras site? Beautiful make at reasonable prices.

Or let Helena tempt you.
If you haven't got a lot of money and think that maybe it doesn't matter what you buy, then have a look Here and find out more.
Also read about Beauty on A Budget.

So here you have some tips, now what you buy is up to you.

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Mike Perry said...

... but will it make her happy!
I like the theme behind your blog. Happiness is really everything. The choice is ours as to how we wish to be each day.


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