Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Foreign Place

Usually when it’s raining or cold we start dreaming ourselves away to foreign places. Varm foreign places, nice food, beach, parties and everything else that’s included in a Holiday. What makes a nice holiday is different for everyone. I prefer beaches but also don’t mind going skiing.
Some people absolutely hate to travel in groups where you don’t know anyone first whereas some think it’s a fantastic way to get to know new people.
There are those who goes on holiday several times a year and others that has to save a long time before he/she can go.

So you want to go on holiday aswell but not sure where to go? You can decide that with some basic questions;
Who are you going with?
Do you want to party or to relax?
Do you have children?
What part of the world do you want to go to?
What time of the year do you want to go?
How much money do you have?
How long are you staying?

If you answer these questions it should help you on the way.
But usually we already have our destination in our mind so we don’t have to think about this.

And then comes the part “what should I pack?”
Well, then again you need to consider the above questions. But remember that we usually bring far too much. More than we need. Less is more sometimes if you have the right combinations/outfits.

If you need some further help maybe TripAdvicor can help you?
Have a nice holiday where ever you go!

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