Monday, February 12, 2007

Cinderella's got to go

I remember clearly when Britney made her breakthrough. Dancing in her ponytails talking about how innocent she was. Then the rumours started but was quickly denied by her medi apeople. "No! Britney is so innocent!"

Then the marriage that was a joke, and now kids and rumours of how she's taking care of her children. I don't know half of it but if you listen to her music you start to wonder how everything really is in her life. I don't know who writes her music but I have a feeeling she's behind it.
I have never liked her or her mucisc very much but people change right? I recently bought an MP3 disc with 2 of her albums recorded and I must say I am impressed. The music isn't that bad at all. Typical someone who is trying to break free.

Now Shakira still has to convince me but she's on her way...

Looks like I'm gonna have to change the template myself as I can't find one I like...

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