Monday, February 19, 2007

Kids and computer games

Yes I am addicted to my computer. I agree (or admit).
But there is one thing I am a bit sceptical about, and that's computers and kids. Yes of course I am sure it can be very educational but I am afraid my child will get hooked. Which I don't think is good at an early age.

It's the same thing with TV, my son is addicted to films and cartoons.
And now he has started to like the computer as well. he has two computer games for his age (3) and he plays them maybe 2-3times a week. That is; I play them for him as he yet hasn't learned how to click the mouse properly.

This is always a problem when it comes to educating your child, you have to set limits for your child. But how do you as a parent know what is enough? Your child is like no other, not comparable.

Should small children play computer games? Anyone with a point of view in this case?

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bagalagalaga said...

At early ages, they're happy just seeing cool graphics with sounds, but instead of computer games you can just as easilly get some colorful popup books or something. I think a big problem is when they're old enough to understand that there are objectives to the games, but they aren't yet developed enough to accomplish them, and get very frustrated. So personally I think it's best to hold off on them having video games until they're around teenage years; although I wouldn't get upset if they occassionally play them somewhere else.

Linda said...

I think you'reright. It's difficult thought o keep them away from games until they're teens. :)



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