Saturday, February 17, 2007

A mothers duty

As a mother you are supposed to stay up all night long with your child if he/she is sick. You give them water, read a story, tuck them in. You get up 1000 times per night if your baby asks for water or something else.

Do you?
This night I didn't get much sleep as I was up working until 00.00 and then when I finally went to bed my baby of 3 years started crying and waking up every other minute. It was almost impossible to sleep actually. Or it was! At 5am i got up and put on a film for him, which he didn't watch much, he was crying and wanted his dayyd and mommy among loads of other things.

My baby has a habit of asking for water 10 times after we've put the lights out. It drives me crazy! I feel he is really abusing my kindness and every night I tell him to stop. Does it work? No. Of course not.

I agree it's my duty as a mother and I have no problem caring for my son when he needs me but I don't want to be used.

Sometimes we mothers are too kind...

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