Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Moving without hassle

Everyone that's moved house know what a hassle it is to get everything right until you've actually moved.
Or when you are redecorating your house and your stuff is just in the way. Everything is in the way and all you want to do is shout!
Get these thing out of my way!!!
I've had this problem once and I made sure to take care of it before I got crazy. The simple solution is called storage concierge! You fill out a form regarding what storage you need, ask for a quote and solve the problem! And yes you do pay, because you are getting crazy and all you want to do is get the stuff out of the way. At least that's what I did. We are going to decorate our house in the near future and I will probably have to take care of the storage business as my husband relies on me to take care of everything. * I am the one pushing him to re-decorate our house*

No more storage hassle in my life, thanks for that!

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