Sunday, March 25, 2007

Do you have a schedule?

It's easy to make up your own schedule when you work from home. That is one of the good things with working from home.
But have you set up a schedule?

Time flies when you are at home and before you know it the whole day has passed and you didn't do anything.
I thought I was in control of my days but I have decided to make a schedule.
What to think about when you make your schedule;

* How many hours do you need to work? Is it flexible or do you have to be available for calls all day?
* What do you need to do? Do you have to do everything on the same day?
* How can you divide your work? Can you do some things in the morning only?

I realized that I didn't take any breaks and it made me tired. I found myself wanting to switch off the computer but I couldn't.
Because I hadn't scheduled my time.

Now I have divided my time into blocks. I do the same things everyday but depending on the day the time I spend on certain things are less.
I have made sure that I make time to have lunch and clean my house without feeling stressed. Some days I work more and some days I make sure I can pick up my son from nursery earlier and spend more time with him.

Monday's are usually the days when I stress more, because of this I have made sure that I have enough time to gather my thoughts at lunch time.

And I have to turn off the computer!
Before I created my schedule I left the computer on and ran around the house like a maniac hen trying to gather her little chicks. Obviously I was running between the computer, the kitchen, the yard, the... yes you can guess the rest.

And I have set up a schedule so that I will spend minimum time on the computer at the weekends. *not valid today though*

How do you find the balance of working t home and being a mother?
Do you have a schedule?

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The New Parent said...

Hi--I'm not a mom, but a dad who owns his own business and when I was starting it I worked from home.
Creating and sticking to a schedule is important. Also, realizing some of the benefits of working from home can be good motivation to stick to that schedule (smile).
Planning is also crucial.
Weekends are good for planning the schedule for the upcoming week.

Linda said...

Good points, planning is crucial but sometimes we forget that we need to be organized just as if we were at our *normal* job.
Then you have to see from week to week how things are going and plan from there.

Thanks for sharing!

I should have said, mother or dad :)

Karen said...

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