Thursday, March 22, 2007

Do you take lunch?

As a WAHM it’’s easy to forget about having lunch. I constantly do this. Either I get hungry early, too early or late, too late to have lunch. So I just eat something very quickly.

I try to eat healthy, I think it’s very important. Eating fried things all the time makes me feel too tired and sluggish and this obviously interferes with my working.

Right, so why am I saying this?
Because it’s important you ermember to take care of yourself even if you are “only’’ at home.
Usually we forget about this. I realized to today that I haven’t done a facial in days. And after doing it I feel so much better. How could I forget about a thing like that?

Don’t forget taking care of yourself so that you can work better and help your family more.

Have a nice evening.

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Karen is Thrifty said...

It is important to take care of ourselves. Many times we moms take care of ourselves last. Today I had to run some errands and my 3 year old asked to go with me. I told her no, I had to go by myself and get some time away so that I could be a better mommy. She said, "You are a better mommy". So sweet, but I still went by myself. :)


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