Sunday, March 18, 2007

Doing things for the sake of receiving gifts

When I was 15 it was time to do the First Communion. Meaning go to church, learn more about God and this world we live in. I had already been to church but I had stopped going when it was the time for my age group to do this.
All of my friends talked about it: Are you doing the First Communion?
- No, I responded.
-Why Not????

Well reason being actually was because of the first communion gifts.
Because I noticed that most of my friends weren't doing it to learn about God or follow in his footsteps. The were doing it only for the gifts they would receive afterwards.
Of course I liked gifts as well as anyone else but I thought it was not the right reason to do it for. Therefore I neglected the invites and my friends appeals. They simply wanted someone to go with.

How many of them that has followed in God's footsteps I don't know but I remember that when everything was finished I didn't hear another word about God.

I encourage those who want to seek God, but only for the right reasons.
Not for the sake of receiving gifts.

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Karen is Thrifty said...

Seeking God for the wrong reasons probably isn't much different than when the people were selling goods in the temple. I suppose we've all been guilty of seeking God inappropriately at some time or another. Some of us like to treat God like a genie in a bottle. When put Him on the shelf and only pull Him down when we rub the bottle to get what we want.

I'm here via The Porch Light. I saw you comment on Revka's blog.

Thrifty Mommy

Linda said...

That is abssolutely true Karen! A good point, I wish that people wouldn't see Him as a genie in a bottle though. But in the time of need...

Thanks for stopping by. :)


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