Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A good memory

As I said the other day I need a computer memory upgrade. But it seems that it´s not only an upgrade for the computer that I need but one for my head as well.

I am terrible at remembering things and I forget most things actually. If it doesn´t have to do with : blogging, money or food :).
I really do have problems with remembering things and it became worse after I gave birth to my son actually.

I´ve heard that´s common though but if it will go away I don´t know.
Well so far I rely on the computer.

Having a memory upgrade is something we all should think about once in a while. Depending on how much you use the computer but if you work from home you usually have loads of documents you need to save. Or programs to help you become more effective.
And programs use a lot of space as we all know.

So if you feel you are costantly worried about how much computer memory you have left then maybe it´s time for an upgrade.
A good memory is everything in business.

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Lisa said...

I need a memory upgrade for my head too! LOL

Linda said...

Oh, Thankfully that means I'm not the only one! :)
Hope we get better at remembereing things. LOL


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