Saturday, March 24, 2007

Make money blogging

Something you can't deny is that if you get paid to blog it is good right? That's what most people would like to. Well to be able to pay my bills and keep bloggig and working from home I have signed up with some places that will help me with that.
PayU2Blog is one of them.
I have included a link for them on the left side. And it's only becuase I want you to know about the possibilities of blogging and getting paid to do it.

You can still write about your daily stuff, the only thing you do is that you blog about a company, lets say about getting free gas or soemthing like that.
It's really easy actually. One thing with Payu2Blog that is different from other places is that you cannot decline the assignments they send you. If you want them to pay you you need to write what they send you. It's like any other job you do.

So if you are a smart mommy you write as good as you can and get your payment.

No, this blog will not be a "get paid to blog" blog only, but do keep in mind that I haven't got any advertisers on my site so this is my way of advertisment. I will continue to write as usual but there will be days when I write more assignments than other posts.

If you havent checked it out yet, head over to PayU2Blog straight away.

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