Monday, March 19, 2007

My poor husband

My poor husband. It cannot be easy to live with me sometimes. I am very happy with what we have but I am always looking to improve our house and few days goes by without me talking about it.
- What about new furniture's for the backyard?
- Honey, what do you think about us getting some chairs for the front yard?
- Couldn't we buy a table to put on the side wall in the living room?

Usually he says that I am right and of course we can do that when we have the money.
My poor husband, he doesn't know what awaits him tonight. I will drag him to the computer and show him Powell Furniture.

I can show him plenty of things he didn't even know existed and tell him how this could improve our house.
And he will say: yes of course we can do that.
And I will say: oh have you seen this, and this...?

My poor husband. I think he wishes he had a wife that didn't like decorating.
But one day, my house will look just as good as their examples are showing.
You just wait and see!

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