Thursday, March 29, 2007

Owning your home

One of the biggest dreams here in Brazil is to have your own house. Everyone dreams about it and people spend an entire life saving money to be able to buy a piece of land and construct their own home.

It is few blessed to have their own home even though the numbers are growing steadily.
We have the luck to have a house that is ours. We don't have any mortgages or debts on the house thankfully. It is totally ours.

And I feel so lucky. But still I dream of those beautiful condominiums that are being built around town. Because even though the majority of people haven't got any money to buy a house there are still plenty of that can build fancy houses. And every time I see commercials for these beautiful houses like Nc Waterfront Property it makes me dream.
It would be nice to have a house like that.

But we cannot have it all and I am happy with what I got for now.
But I will keep dreaming... Who knows one day?

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