Thursday, March 15, 2007

Slow internet connection!

I'm going crazy!
Everyday is full of pain and anguish.
Everyday I scratch my head and say: Come on!
I am getting grey hair and I'm not even 30! * just kidding, no greys yet*

Why all this pain everyday?
No I'm not ill, don't worry. I do have a cold but it's not that bad.
It's my Internet that is causing me pain.

When I was surfing the net for fun I didn't mind it took some time to load the pages, I thought that was normal, knowing nothing else. When I realized that I was surfing at 19000bps and could change it by switching modem to 56000bps I was thrilled!
Only that the speed only comes up to 46666bps, IF I'm lucky that is!

Nothing wrong with 56k if you are surfing for fun. But when you're working it's a real hassle!
Everything takes ages to load, visiting a page takes me 3-10 minutes instead of 1-2.
Searching the net for photos or uploading photos takes me 30-60minutes! Blogger is so slow for me! That is why you're not seeing any pics here at the moment. That is why my photos is still not on Flickr! (I am a keen photographer)

When you are depending on the Internet for your income you need to have a good Internet connection! That is ABC for working at home I would say!
Leaving comments on other peoples blog takes me ages and usually I get stuck because it takes too long and the comment is lost in cyberspace!

So I have started my Internet-campaign against my husband. I tell him at least 3 times everyday how much i need a faster Internet and he has finally understood. He doesn't know much about computers so he's not been bothered of course. For him it's OK that a page takes 5min to load.

Well no thing's for free here in this world and everyone knows that the faster Internet you have the more you pay. A few weeks ago I found out that our local phone company had an offer for both phone and Internet for 90reais/month. *about 45dollars or so* Speed was 250Mbps.
250Mbps is a lot when you are only using 46666bps!
My husband told me to wait because we haven't actually got the money for it as we are paying of some other things at the moment. i was worried about the offer not being available later. But now I am so happy we didn't sign up!

I found 2Gbps for 99reais/month or 4Gbps for 119reais/month!
Talk about cheaper option!!!!!!!!!!

Now I just pray everyday that this offer will be available in our neighbourhood and that I can get up to 2Gbps!
God knows how much this would help me! I would be able to work so much more and have more time to visit all the 700blogs that signed up for the blog party! :)

My hope and goal is that within a month I will be on 2G!
It might seem silly when someone complains about their Internet speed but it's a real hassle I'll tell you!

So today's question: What speed are you on?

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Revka said...

56k, and I hate it when I'm trying to blog! If I keep making money, I will upgrade to high speed once I feel justified in the extra expense.


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