Saturday, March 24, 2007

There is something wrong with the power

We are actually have problems with our power supply. Or I think that we are, my husband isn't of the same opinion. I don't know too much about these things but I have actually thought of calling for a power supply repair.

Reason being is that when we moved to Brazil I had a mobile that worked just fine, it was about 2-3 years old. Nothing wrong with it. When we started charging it here it just stopped working.
Time passed, and now 2 years later we decided to buy another one. But it won't charge properly. It can be on re-charge for hours and nothing happens.

Then the other day my mother in law says that there might be something wrong with the power and that it can actually burn out a mobile.
Obviously I am sure that's what happened to my phone in the beginning. And now I am worried that's going to happen to the new phone. I will give it a last try in a few days, I re-charged the phone at work today to be on the safe side, but if it doesn't get better we will have to call a technician to come around and have a look.

Because who wants to spend money on a new phone and then have to throw it away? And who knows what comes next?

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