Monday, March 19, 2007

This blogs journey

I have searched and found many WAHM-blogs. Well actually in the beginning I searched for online money, make money online etc. And there are tons of sites, most of them not leading anywhere. I found some sites that went to scams, well quite many actually, some that lead to another page which contained nothing etc.

So basically the journey was quite long.
Until I found some online forums. And I realized that I am a WAHM. Hmm did that narrow down the search? Have you tried to search using the words "work from home"? If you have you know that there are thousands of sites listed.
And as above they won't lead you far.
With this in mind I changed direction of this blog. From being a blog about happiness and life it is now a blog about working from home and find others that does the same. It will grow continiously with links and sources.

And starting this blog I realized that there are so many people put there that are clueless, just like I was, and they have no idea where to look.

I hope that this blog will become an online source for those working at home or those wanting to work from home.
I won't have all the answers but I might be able to guide you to someone who has.

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Revka said...

That sounds great, Linda! I know how hard it is to find legit opportunities. I hope you come up with tons for the rest of us to check out.

Linda said...

Thanks Revka! I hope the same :)


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