Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Why work at home?

Most people would like to be able to work from home. The flexibility is what appeals to many. But is it that flexible?
Before deciding to work at home you must think through your reasons.

Why do you want to work at home?
Do you want to stay at home with the kids?
Or do you want to stress less or not spend so much time getting to work?

Can you work from home?
What would you do?
Would you leave your day job and find something you can do at home or would you like to continue your job but doing it from home?
Would your boss let you?

Working from home can seem so easy but it's not. You need to be organized and set your own schedule. You will have the extra burden of taking care of the house "because you work from home", you need to take care of the kids, talk to the neighbours that thinks you are doing nothing all day. And you need to make sure your partner understands you are not rolling your thumbs all day long

And most important what are you going to do from home?

In my case deciding to work from home was easy. I wasn't happy with the money I made working a few hours here and there, I needed more hours, more work that is or I needed to find another job.
Last year was a real struggle for us financially. We always have money just to pay our bills and that's about it. And who wants to live like that? I'm not asking for much, if I can pay my bills that's more then OK but I would like to be able to buy things for us once in a while as well.

I have one advantage, my son goes to nursery so I don't have to worry about taking care of him at the same time. Which eases my life a lot. Yes I do feel a bit bad about letting him continue there but on the other hand I see how much he benefits from attending nursery that I decided it's best for him to continue. What I do is that I pick him up a bit earlier instead.

You need to think through your reasons to work from home before making the final decision.
Maybe you will find that it is not the best for you and your family but reducing your hours at your current job could be. Although that means a cut in the finances.

Think about the above questions and you are on your way.

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Revka said...

Great post, Linda. It is so true that working at home is not a piece of cake, particularly if others are home while you are trying to work.

matelot said...

why ?

my commute to NYC is 2 hours door-to-door EACH way.
The trains are overcrowded, filthy and uncomfortable

nuff said

Linda said...

Yes Revka that is so true! They think you are available all the time. it's difficult to set limits.

matelot: your reasons says it all! :)


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