Friday, March 16, 2007

Work at home resources

I have added a new category: WAHM resources.
There you will find other resources if you are a work at home mom. You will find links to possible jobs, forums and other inspirational sources.
If you are a WAHM blogger and would like your blog listed here, do tell me and I will add your blog.

New sites will be added continuously.

If you know of a good (and legit) WAHM site please share!

Your business depends on sharing so lets share our resources!

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Lori said...

Thanks for listing FreelanceMom Linda, I really appreciate it!

Your blog looks terrific. I've bookmarked it :)


Linda said...

Of course it's listed Lori! it's a great forum!
Thanks! Come back soon!

Linda said...

I meant to say it's a great site :) But the forum too is great! :)


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