Wednesday, April 18, 2007

About to buy a house?

So I am a house owner. Well actually my husband is as the house is on him. And when we bought our house i had to tell him that I knew nothing about: Mortgage, interests or loans.
I never thought that I would buy a house so I've never really looked into what it actually is you need to know.

But now I'm found this site, Mortgage Lowdown, that actually is funny to read. Not boring at all like other sites I've seen. They have had several blog carnivals going on where other bloggers talks about home improvement. I've read some interesting things there. Perfect as I am trying to improve my house. I'm sure I'll tell you more about that later.

They talk about loans and banking among many things, everything you need to know when you buy a house. Or are about to. So if you are about to buy a house or want to get some advice on home improvement I'd hop over there right away!

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Suzel O'Donnell said...

All the topics are very interesting. Congratulations Linda!!

Linda said...

Thanks Suzel! I´M glad you enjoy reading. beijus!


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