Friday, April 13, 2007

Door knocking

Here in Brazil door knocking doesn't exist.
Instead people "bate palmas", meaning they clap their hands. This is beause the majority of people live in houses and there you only have a front gate. *of course this doesn't apply for those living in an apartment*

So when you get to the front gate you have to clap your hands. You will hear that someone is coming because of all the barking dogs. If you hear that someone is clapping hands and going from house to house you can be sure it's a salesman.

They sell everything at your gate. Everything from mats, food, mirrors, pans, to Death insurance.
I don't like these people. And I never buy anything from them. I prefer to go to a shop and look at the things although I must say that in away it is very convenient buying at your own front gate.
It must be tough walking day after day offering your things and getting a no after no.

The only thing I buy at my gate is mandioka, or cassava, a potato similar vegetable that is very nice.
But that's about it. the rest i'm not interested in.
In the beginning when I moved here I found it strange, today I'm used to it and sometimes I don't even talk to the person, I just tell them I'm not interested. Before I always went to the gate and talked.

This is just part of the everyday life in Brazil.

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