Friday, April 13, 2007

When I started looking for online jobs I came across hundreds of listings, of course you need to pay for them.
That's usually the ones to avoid.
And even if I'd wanted to I couldn't pay because I didin't have any money.

So when I found Genuinejobs I was sceptic, used to seeing only sites where you ahve to pay. But I signed up and now and again I get an email saying that they have new listings.
It says clearly on their site that if you find a job where it says you have to pay you should report it straight away as all the jobs listed are supposed to be free!

And the jobs are not bad at all, I have seen several that I could've applied for!
So if you are looking for a place with ads where you don't have to pay anything this is it!
Sign up for their email and you can also add your resume online if you want.

And of course, if you know of more places like this, please leave a comment!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, well, I HAVE applied for a few jobs, and never got so much as an acknowledgement. I then emailed the genuinejobs site itself, and got no response from them, either. So even tho it's free to sign up, I still consider it a scam since no one responds to you.

Chris said...

Thanks for your kind review. Yes we try our best to supply as many vacant work at home jobs as we can and we do try our best to warn people of scams int eh industry. That said, the poster mentioned that we should be considered a scam since we didn't respond to his/her email. Not only do we not have the resources to respond to every email we receive, we do try our best to respond to as many as we could. Did you consider that we did respond and the mail may have been prevented from getting to you by your mail filters?

Again, thanks for the review.


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