Friday, April 20, 2007

Get in the right directory

When advertising a site you want to have some control of where it is seen. You don’t want to submit to 50 pages and get 0 traffic.

As always you have to be inventive when you have a business so paying to get notices isn’t uncommon.
Big Web Links Bid Directory will help you reach out and get better results not depending on page rank or the name of you blog but on how much you contribute. Listings are also based on bidding.

When looking at the site I think that it’s clean and simple and I like the listings they’ve made. You can easily see how many sites that are listed in each category.
At the moment there aren’t many sites listed but the site owner is confident that it will grow in short time. That means that if you submit your site your chances of getting noticed will increase.

I hope they achieve their goal, and you yours: To get noticed on the web!

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