Monday, April 30, 2007

Getting help for addiction

I have alcoholism in my family and I've seen it very close and I know what it does to your family and to the addicted persons life. It's very sad and unfortunately there is not always much you can do to help. Because it doesn't depend on you. It depends on the person in need.

Saying you want to quit drinking or using drugs is easy, to do it is totally different and involves so much pain for the addicted that they prefer to stay the way they are.
If the addicted really wants to quit, then please do try to help as much as you can without putting yourself in the position that you will get disappointed if the attempt fails.
An addicted person often say they want to quit because of family etc and in the end it's the family that is hoping and pushing and wanting too much and the addicted that is getting further away from their goal.

Sending someone to a clinic doesn't mean that it will solve the problem, that the addiction will stop. It all depends on the person in need wanting to quit and getting the right help. Quitting on your own fails 99% of the time.

You need to make sure that the rehabilitation continues when the addicted leaves the clinic. In many cases the one in need needs to talk to someone afterwards. Meaning a professional.

A successful drug rehab has all these elements. To know what is needed and how to achieve it.

One of the most successful drug rehab treatments in the U.S is Stone Hawk.
Not only do they look at the person, they use a very individual approach. Their success rate is over 76%. The surroundings are calm, when you are in rehab it's important that you don't feel stressed.

By visiting their page you can take a tour and read about how to decide what treatment is best for the addicted. They give several types of advice of what to think about when you choose your rehab.
They don't tell you how to do things, they only guide you for you to find the best way back to a non addictive life.

Because it is possible to be free from the addiction! I have seen it, I know and I believe!

If you need to talk to someone, you are welcome to email me or leave your email here.

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