Monday, April 09, 2007

Going to Las Vegas

For some reason I have never felt the "need" of ging to the U.S. It's been far from my thoughts when planning holidays or so.

I think that even though I have not visited I "know" the culture, it is so well exposed through TV so you get an image of what it's like. And I'm not talking only about the good things but the other side as well.
It's more than just Bush and his politics.

So when I see beautiful pictures from the U.S it makes me think that having a Las Vegas Real Estate property maybe wouldn't be so bad after all. Las Vegas seems to be full of opportunities and fun things to do. If you don't get casino addicted of course.

I don't live near the beach here but if I lived in the U.S I wouldn't mind living near Miami Beach. I love the water and it's cool breeze at night.

Miami or not, Las Vegas or somewhere else. Where should I go if I ever go to the U.S?
Holiday tips are welcome.
Because I will go some day, it's just a matter of opportunity and time.

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