Monday, April 30, 2007

If I could only win something

I never win prizes!
Really, I'm not kidding, I have only won something once. And that was a teddy bear.
I don't know why, so many people win things, why don't I win anything?

My husband wins, but only if he doesn't tell me. I must mean bad luck. Because once he didn't tell me and he won. Typically.

If I could only win Something, I would like to win a new computer or a car. If I won a car I would most probably sell it and buy a cheaper one. With the remaining money I would save as much as I could, give some to charity and go on a little shopping spree.

Over at bid4prizes the lowest bid wins! But how do you know what is the lowest bid? I would start at 50 cent.
But.... knowing my luck I would probably not win anything.
I wouldn't mind winning a car from there, everyone knows that a car isn't cheap and you can easily spend a fortune on a car. Winning it for a few dollars seems tempting.

I hope you have better luck than me and win that car over there!

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