Monday, April 30, 2007

A new Monday

Today my son is at home because tomorrow is a holiday. It's The Workers Day here tomorrow.
I had totally forgotten that my son was suppose to stay at home actually.
So my plans to write has been put onthe side abit. And tomorrow the whole family will be at home so then I won't be able to write much either.

One nice thing about my son being at home is that he's telling that he loves me all the time. He's told me more than 10 times only this morning how much he loves me. He is soo sweet and it makes me think that he should be at home with me all the time. But I know that he would probably not let me work at all then...

As I had forgotten that he was supposed to stay at home I promised my husband that I would clean the whole yard today. I'm not sure that will happen today. Thankfully my mother in law lives close and she stay's with him when I need so I will prbably bring him over to hers in a while.
My son loves staying there for some reason.

Hope you are having a nice beginning of a new week.

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