Thursday, April 05, 2007

On the rush

If you work from home you have heard the expression: Work in your Pj's.
How many of you actually does that?
I certainly don't but I also don't get dressed up or put make up on, as I don't see the necessity for that.

When you work from home you also do other things like cleaning, doing the dishes etc. And then go back to your job. I have noticed that my hands gets very dry nowadays. When I didn't work at home I didn't have to think about using lotion or anything like that. Now I do.
So now I make sure I have a good lotion and hand cream to help me through the day.

But sometimes you also need to rush out for a meeting and as a woman you have to make sure you look good. So you shave your legs and are just about to moisturise when you realise that you can't because it will hurt and you will have red rashes afterwards instead.
Well there might be an answer for that. It's called Tend Skin. It's created especially to use when you have had a wax och shave and won't hurt a bit.

See I like things like this! This is clever! And I'm going to find one for myself quickly!
See then I wouldn't have to worry about these things!

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