Sunday, April 22, 2007

Outdoor furniture

We were cleaning our yard today, me and the husband. He has some kind of strange thing going and can't relax when he's at home. He wants to clean and organize while I just want to sit and relax in the sun. Not that it was very sunny today. When I woke up and went to the bakery at 9o'clock it was hot and the sun was shining and no sign of rain.
Of course I took this opportunity to wash some clothes, and then it started to rain! Just my luck.

While we were cleaning and scrubbing our yard we talked about everything that we want to do with our house. And there's a lot we want to do. I am telling my husband all the time how much I want teak outdoor furniture. I just love that! I think it is so elegant and nice.

So I am trying to convince my husband that it would go really well with our house and style.
And I think I might be able to talk him into it...

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Suzel O'Donnell said...

Linda...da uma olhada no seguinte site...


Linda said...

Gostei! Obrigada! :) Beijos!


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