Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Planning meals

Do you have a weekly meal plan? How do you plan for your family dinners?
That is the question of the week.

Well actually I've been better than that. If I plan I plan for a whole month.
First I take a look at what we have at home and try to use as many ingredients as possible. Then I add with what we want to eat. I try to make it different and only repeat a dish once a month if I have to.

We were on a really tight budget last year and I had to do this to not go insane. But as I love to cook that was not a problem. Only fun. I can sit and plan meals for ages actually.

We only go to the supermarket once a month and I think that helps to keep the expenses down. We only buy something extra if we really need to. And every Sunday I buy vegetables and fruit from the Farmers Market just a street away.
Really handy.

So yes I do plan, but not weekly but monthly. I take into consideration what we like and what we have eaten the previous days.
I really recommend to start planning if you are not already are doing it.

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Bev Schweigert said...

I try to plan a weekly menu with my girls, but I don't always do it... I can definitely see a big difference in our food bill when I do plan for the week, and I have no real excuse for NOT doing it, except being lazy :(

And, when I plan the menu with my girls, I know I'm going to be making a food they like! I don't worry about hearing, "Ah, I don't want THAT for dinner!" Hubby isn't picky at all, so whatever we plan is fine with him!

Now you've got me motivated to plan my menu for the next week. Thanks!


Suni said...

We buy certain items monthly like soy milk and chicken nuggets, because those are necessities that we use every single day. It really does cut out some expense. Other than that I shop twice a month at a local grocer. I miss the days of having fresh produce right around the corner, though.

Tess said...

Wow great job not repeating more then once a month! That's very impressive. I have a hard time not repeating every 10 days. LOL

Linda said...

Bev> well that's it, we are lazy and then we regret that we didn't take the time to do it.
I'm glad I got you motivated! Keep it up and tell me how it goes :)

Suni> yes having fresh grocerys jsut around the corner is very handy. i have a local store here but it's a bit expensive so i try to buy at the farmers market or when the special offers are on in the supermarket. you can save a lot then!

Tess> It's actually not that difficult, what makes it difficult is my picky husband :)

Lisa said...

You've been tagged!


Linda said...

Thanks Lisa! I'll post it soon!

hszoo said...

I know very well that planning is the biggest step toward a thrifty grocery budget. It's something I used to always do, and I'm glad this QOTW came along to encourage me to begin it again!


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