Monday, April 30, 2007

The puppies are growing

It is so interesting to see how the puppies are growing!
They have become so big just in a few days. They sleep more now than they did in the beginning I think. The black and white one is the biggest of them all. He is so cute.

We, meaning the son and I, have started operation "Talking Daddy Into Keeping One Puppy".

Hmm... I'm not very confident it's going to happen actually.
My son an I have chosen the same dog :) The brown/beige one.

Soon they will open their eyes! :)

My husband is saying that our dog is tired from nursing all day.
I said: Well and how do you think it was for me when I was nursing our son? (Day and night for 2 years)
It's not the same thing he said.

Ha, what does he know about nursing all day long?!?

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