Sunday, April 29, 2007

Relax over the weekend?

When you work from home it can be difficult to actually relax over the weekend. I feel like I always have things to do. There is always a post to write, money to earn. Because it's 24/7 really.

I usually look forward to the weekend but I also like mondays a lot! I think Mondays are my favorite days actually. A new day, new week, new start.
Always more work to do. That's what I like.
Sundays are the days when I prepare for Monaday. When I clean and make sure all the laundry is washed. If I can I iron everything as well. Everything not o begin the week feeling stressed.

And strange as it may seem I actually prefer to do household chores when my family is at home. Somehow it seem easier and nicer.
I only wish the weekend was longer. Sometimes I feel that my family is neglected because of my work.
I have promised myself to be more organized and plan my weekend better so that I don't have to work so much over the weekend.
Because I work all day on Saturdays at school I have to be more organized.

Well tomorrow is another Monday and a new week...

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allhisblessings said...

I know exactly how you feel! There never seems to be enough hours in any given day or weekend! In our home, I think the weekend seems to go FASTER than any other day of the week! :(

Shawn Ledington said...

I am feeling this way exactly today. I've been working most of today just preparing for this week ... mostly because I feel like I haven't been as productive as I could have been the last few weeks. Mondays are a chance to regain some old strength. That's what I'm hoping, anyway. Thanks for the inspiration.

Linda said...

yes this might be more common than we think. It's not always easy balancing family and work.
my husand complained yesterday that I spent too much time in front of the $#%#$ computer. I replied: Well it's the %#% computer that pays our bills :)

Then he got quiet.
But I am trying not to use the computer when they are home.

Beth said...

I agree..there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done that I would like to, especially Saturday and Sunday! It is very easy to get caught up in your work when it's right there in your own home.


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