Friday, April 13, 2007

Shopping spree

Today I went on a well deserved shopping spree.
It's been months since I had money to buy new clothes and now I was really in need of a new pair of jeans a some tops. And thanks to what I've been making at home this last month I could finally go on a little shopping spree.
Which felt great! I actually don't like to go shopping very much. I prefer to go to the supermarket and buy food instead.

I can walk around for ages in the supermarket. - Don't stress me, I always say to my husband. This is actually something that goes in generation. My mother is the same, when I was younger I didn't know what she was on about walking around in the supermarket for ages. Now I totally understand her.

Well on my well deserved shopping spree today I actually enjoyed myself. I picked up a pair of jeans, 3 nice tops, Pens (my English students are having a test tomorrow so I need to be prepared to correct everything), a jogging set for my son, another pair of trousers for him, spoons (I throw them away all the time, don't ask me how) and some body lotion.

I ended the day with a nice cup of coffee and just when I had finished my shopping it started to rain.

It was a nice day and I hope that it can become a habit :)

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