Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Spending your money wisely

If you are short of money you need to know how to spend them. Obviously.
My husband is very good at this and I'm never worried that he will spend more than we have.
Until recently

One day a letter addressed to him came. I didn't open it but asked what it was.
-Hjhjhfghurylmnnnnnn........ (I cannot hear what my husband is saying)
-Sorry, what?
-Hhmmmmmmrr... It's the new water filter.
-Water filter? I look very confused and ask him: -Where is the filter?

My husband tries to ignore my question but obviously he can't get away.
I then realise, he has bought a filter that he will pay off for over 12 months and then it will arrive!
I ask him if that's the case and he says yes.
I simply shake my head but I keep quiet. Only when I feel like teasing him I ask him about the filter.

And yesterday he said that the filter is arriving!
I hope that when the filter arrives it will come with some extra accessories like a water bottle filter. That would be very handy!

I hope the filter comes soon, it will be nice to have better water to drink and use.

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Revka said...

Oh, don't you just love those purchases! You did great if you didn't say anything about it. :)


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