Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Subscribe in a reader

I have actually just yesterday signed up for Bloglines reader. I've never checked it out so I didn't know how it worked 'in action'' so to say.
Well I am now glad that I signed up. It will save me so much time.

By subscribing to a blog in a reader, this one for example, you will find out when your favourite blogs (or sites) are updated without having to visit their site. If you see something you like you simply go there and comment. Easy pieacy!

I still have to add many of my favorites but at least I am now subscribing and I am really happy I checked it out!

Nowadays most blogs have a little subscribe button, mine is from Feed burner.com but there are others as well.
If you want to subscribe to my blog you simple click the little button at the left hand corner saying "Subscribe" and then you can add to whatever reader you have or create a new account. The you will get notified of any online opportunities that I tell you about! Make sure you don't miss out.

Do you subscribe to blogs? What do you like the subscibe service offered? What feed do you use?

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