Thursday, April 19, 2007

Travelling times

One of my friends said that she is going to travel now in July.
They are not sure where they are going exactly but they will be visiting several countries in Europe. My friend is a photographer and the trip is mainly for this reason.

They are also bringing their little son that is 5 years old so they want to make sure that where they go is friendly for kids.
Her problem was that she couldn´t find a good hotel and was worried about this. So we had a look together and found Hotel Reservations. Their page has many booking options especially in Europe. They offer everything from hotels to resorts and vacation rentals and their prices are highly competitive. They also offer discounts to various places around the world. You can even save up to 70% when you book with them, that sounds good to me.

Their site is easy to navigate and you can choose different languages and countries, everything to ease your booking. I liked that. They have a hotline for Europe and one for USA and Canada as well, so you will always be able to book no matter where in the world you are.
They also have a special tourist guide to help you plan your trip if you need help.

Finding a good hotel is so important when you travel, especially if you are travelling with kids. You don´t want an unpleasant surprise when you get there.
Unfortunately not all hotels are the way the brochure tells us. It looks so good and when we get there we get disappointed.

I have actually never travelled with my son but I know that I will be very picky the day I do. You have to be careful where you go with a child.
I always say: Never trust a child.
Because you don´t know what they will do, you have to be cleverer than them all the time.

When you travel you want to make sure that you don´t have to worry too much about what games your child will come up with.
It is also important, I think, that the staff at the hotel is nice and makes you feel at home. And that they don´t mind loud kids.

The hotel should also offer a good breakfast, who wants to be out and about with a hungry complaining kid all day? And a hotel breakfast is usually very nice and tasty. In fact just yesterday I thought that I wanted to go to a hotel to have breakfast.
It´s not the same thing as if you have breakfast at home.

Well I don´t know what my friend is going to do with her reservation, but I hope she finds a good hotel and enjoys her holiday!

This is a sponsored post.
Please book with Hotel Reservations next time you travel .

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