Monday, April 09, 2007

The unexpected

About a month a go one of our dogs managed to escape. Of course it was just during "re-production time". So my dear dog met some beautiful gentlemens on the street and now a month later she is bigger than she was a month ago.

So now we are expecting unexpected puppies.
It's nice but it also comes with more worries. I have started thinking about how it's going to be when the puppies are born and what kind of pet supplies I will have to buy. It's important that it's good quality and also economical. I will have to buy some puppy teeth restitant things so that our shoes etc doesn't get ruined.

I am really looking forward to see the puppies and I hope all goes well. Still another month to go.
And puppies are soo cute... :)

Well talking about puppies, let me give you some business ideas. If you like dogs and want to work with pet supplies for example, think different.
Different is what make a difference, remember that and think of the unthinkable that will make success in the dog world.
Another day I'll tell you more... Now I need to go and check on my expecting mother.

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Revka said...

What fun! Are you going to keep the puppies or find homes for them?

Linda said...

:) I'm going to try to find a new home for them. I thought that if I take a picture of them maybe it will eb easier. I will just put it up in the petshop around the corner.

And of course I will ask anyone I see if the want a cute little puppy :)

Of course I wouldn't mind keeping at least 1.


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