Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Where do you find true love?

I am happily married to a wonderful man that makes me a complete woman.

But there are others that are still looking for their dream prince or princess. And we try to find our dream partner at the most incredible places. We go to clubs, join book clubs, attend parties we don't even want to go to, ask our friend to 'hook' us up with someone..etc etc.
We do funny things that seems totally normal.

And even more fun is that you can actually meet your dream prince on the Internet. I know several couples that have met through the Internet. So why not use a dating site to find you love? You can see the person, chat and meet up for a drink and then who knows; to plan the wedding invites?

I have never used this service myself as I met my husband when we lived in the same apartment in London. Easy and simple. No need to attend noisy clubs or boring book clubs.
Which actually reminds me of that film with Hugh Grant when he joins some Mommy club to meet a new woman.
See, torture.. it's easier to go through the Internet I think.

Where do you find true love?

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