Friday, May 25, 2007

Are you sacrificing yourself?

There are certain things you give up when you start working from home.

No more lunch at work with your colleagues.
No more chat with your colleagues.
No more coffee breaks with your colleagues.

Instead you;
Have lunch at your desk, this is common among wahms as I've understood it.
You only chat through messenger or skype.
You drink your coffee at your desk or while reading work paper.

Doesn't it sound a bit boring?
If you are not a solitary person who enjoy working on your own, then maybe it's not for you?
There is nothing bad in realizing you are not a wahm.

You can however do something about this;
You can work part time at home if your boss lets you.
You can make sure that you have time to see your friends for coffee.
You can make sure that you don't eat in front of your desk but actually take a break.

Working at home isn't suppose to be a sacrifice but a happy choice that you are fully content with.
I hope you are not sacrificing yourself.

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