Monday, May 28, 2007

Beauty critic

How critic are you? In this case I am talking about the meaning of beautiful.

I am quite critic but at the same time I am very laid back. I don't judge people because of their outside. or at least I try not to. But being beautiful is very important in our society today.

Yesterday I asked my husband what he thought about a very popular TV hostess. She is supposed to be very beautiful but I honestly do not see that. I can understand others saying it but I don't think she is beautiful.

My husband answered that he thought she is good looking.
No I didn't get jealous but I started thinking about the things that makes us attracted to someone.
We can make someone like us by doing many things, some people dress very well, some use Phentermine and some... well some people don't do anything at all.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, you might just not be seeing the beauty behind the hiding layers.

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