Wednesday, May 23, 2007


How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

That is the question of the week this time.
Well honestly, if someone forgets my birthday I get really unhappy.

I have a strange relationship when it comes to birthdays, I always try to act like it's nothing special and at the same time I am really longing for someone to tell me Happy Birthday.

The ultimate birthday goes like this:
I wake up to be served breakfast in bed. (My husband refuses to do this!)
Spending some nice quality time with my family. (No cleaning!)
Lunch: A nice easy lunch at home.
Presents: of course I want presents, I'm not made out of stone!
Afternoon: More relaxing, preferably doing something nice together outside of home.
Dinner: I deserve a dinner at a nice restaurant don't I?
Evening: Chilling out at home, of course playing with my new toys, I mean presents.

That would be a nice birthday. But usually we don't even do half of this. I really have to tell my husband to get better at this. Hmm.. hang on, my son is 3 now, isn't that the age to start training him to do these things for mommy? *smile*

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