Saturday, May 26, 2007

Celebrity dating

Everyone has got an idol that they like and would like to meet. It can be someone very famous or someone less famous.
Well now someones dream can come true.

You know beautiful Mirelly Taylor from Kiss Me Again?
I am sure that if you ar a guy you would love to come face to face with her, and even if you are a woman. She is an inspiring actress with a lot of talent!

Now there is a contest on where you can win a date with Mirelly!
Also participating from "The Bachelor" is Andrew Firestone as well as Emmy Award winning producer Scott Sternberg. See there is something for us women as well.
You can be a part of this by sending your own video.

It's easy, it's fun and an experience you will not forget too soon. If ever.

Free videos at is hot hot hot, and if you are into Mirelly you get on this train now. It won't be rolling forever.
Think about how you would like your date with Mirelly to be and send in your video.

Have a suggestion for who you would like to meet except Mirelly? Well it could all be up to you, check in the site, give suggestions and make your video! This show is different and I think it's an excellent idea. Not you normal dating show.
The show will be on for 14 weeks and you can get a good laugh when you watch the videos that are sent in.

Good luck!

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