Thursday, May 10, 2007

Celebrity treatment?

Something I've thought about lately is the exposure that celebrities have in our daily life.
We see them every day on TV, hear them on the radio, read about them in the paper, they are everywhere.

Not too long ago there was a reported drug abuse by a young lady who shaved her head when she went into drug rehab.
Everyone was looking and talking about this, thinking it was really bad.
Well I'm more concerned with what happened for her to do this? Most people would dream of having a celebrity life and be a star.
And what does the stars do? Many of them, not all, but too many starts with an addiction of some kind.
And we're thinking, but why? Why isn't she/he happy? How could a happy person start a life like that?

And how do they get help? Do they call a helpline like 1800NoDrogs or do they go into a beautiful place for rich celebrities? Not everyone has got the money to get help, but advice there is always someone there who can give you. You don't need to be a celebrity to get help and stop doing drugs. A free help line can be just the start whether it's for a celebrity or for us non celebrities.

And the question remains, why do they start if they have everything we dream about?

If you are in need of help please call for advice.

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