Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Digital technology

I love technology!
Really, it's amazing what we've invented in just a few years. Everyday there is something new to discover.

I am a keen photographer and just today I was looking through some pictures and thinking that I have to buy an album and sort all photographs.
I only use my digital camera nowadays and it's been a long time since I processed a film. I have been thinking that I should get a photo printer to be able to show my pictures but haven't come around to it.

And now I've discovered digital photo frames! Wow, who came up with that? Some very clever person!

You simply add your pictures to your frame and in an instant you can show your pictures as you like, no need to print or process.
I didn't really know what a digital photo frame was but now I feel that I might not be able to live without it.
The frames comes in different sizes and you can place them wherever you want in your house. I really liked that. I wouldn't mind having one in the living room. Preferably a big one.

Can you believe that I haven't actually got our wedding photographs printed and framed!?!
Maybe it's time for that it has been over 2 years since we got married....
Now I can get the photos displayed on a nice digital frame instead and show other nice photos as the same time.

I hope technology continues to evolve like this!

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