Sunday, May 06, 2007

Do you appreciate what you read?

We read blogs everyday. Many many post, sometimes more than a 100 post's per day depending on how much we surf around.
But do you read them?

Really take a minute to sit down and read what it is actually about?
I try to. Sometimes I can easily see if I will be interested in reading the blog/article and if I see that it's interesting then I will definitely take the time to read more posts from that blogger.

But do you appreciate what you read? Sometimes something that is interesting for someone is totally uninteresting for me and I won't give the post a good rate meanwhile someone else might find that it is an excellent article. Isn't that funny.

Basically it depends on who enters your blog by chance if your reader will appreciate what you are writing.
You cannot satisfy every ones needs but you will see that if you write something that is interesting maybe a smaller group of readers will return more often.

I try to really appreciate what I read when I read other bloggers blogs, do you?

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