Sunday, May 06, 2007

Do you work over the weekend?

If you are a WAHM I would like to know the following:

Do you work over the weekend? And if so how much?

I've said several times that I work over the weekend and at home I work at around 6-8 hours or at least 4 hours a day.

I thought weekends were supposed to be a day for you to rest? :)

I'd appreciate if you take the time and answer this question.

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Revka said...

I used to work for a while everyday, but then I decided I was crazy and that I needed to leave my weekends for my family. It has made a difference, and my husband doesn't seem to mind as much when I do get on the computer when he is home. WAHM can easily fall into the trap of working all the time because we never leave our "office."

Linda said...

Yes I am really ging to try this weekend. I'll make sure that I only spend an hour doing some work on it and prepare the rest.

*hrmmmmm that is, I'll try... :)


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