Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A goal achieved!

I can tell you tht I am very happy to write this post and say that I have finally achieved a goal!
I am sitting typing this on my new computer!

I am so relieved and it is so nice to have a new computer and hopefully my blogging will become easier now! The connection is faster as well which of course is excellent. Not as fast as I like it but an improvement.

It came with some programs that I actually wanted, it's a Linux version, I was thinking of switching to XP but I don see why I should actually.
Anyone got a good reason why I should switch?

So let me ask you a question, what are you using, win89, Xp or Vista?

Microsoft has said that they think it will be another 5-7 years before Vista is more used than Xp?
What do you think?

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Revka said...

Hm, I use XP and am not all familiar with Linux. Congrats on the new computer, and I hope you really enjoy it. :)

Linda said...

Thanks Revka! i am really enjoying it, you bet! :)


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