Friday, May 11, 2007

Health issues

Today I've been taking care of me instead of taking care of all my blogs.

Early this morning I went to the Medical Clinic and made an appointment. That is I waited to make an appointment for the afternoon. After doing that I went to the only couple of non Brazilian friends I have, M&M. *no of course it's not the candy* A nice couple from the U.S that lives just a block away. Even though it's so close we hardly see each other.

After a nice chat I went home, rushed around trying to get the house in some kind of order before I had a rushed lunch and then went to the Med. Clinic to wait a little further.

After about 1½ hour of waiting I finally got to see the Doctor. She, thankfully it was a woman, helped me figure out my problem. No I'm not ill, except for the terrible cold that won't go away. I have a "non-serious" problem called acne.
She said what I already knew, that at my age I shouldn't have acne and because the only time when I didn't have it was when I was pregnant it must be a hormonal problem.

So she prescribed some antibiotics for me to take and told me to go to the Gyn. and to a dermatologist. I will probably have to do an ultrasound to see where the problem lies.

After seeing her I went to the reception to make my appointments, waited further until I was told to wait even longer. I waited and could finally make one of my appointments, the other one I will have to make in a few days as they were having computer problems.

Why am I telling you about this?
Because most of my readers are female and there might be someone else with this problem. A friend of mine said that after I told her today she finally understands that she also might need to go to the doctor.
See it helped her and maybe it will help someone else.

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