Thursday, May 03, 2007

I failed

So I failed, me schedule or plans didn't work out at all.
I only updated 3 blogs. Leaving the other 5 behind. Well one isn't that bad, one I am only co authoring but still i should write something once in awhile.

My week has been totally the opposite of what it should've been. I've had to stay at home with a sick child and my beautiful plans to write and write and write just went down the drain..

But then again I love being at home with my son, he is the best. I just wished he let me work some more.
At the moment he is sleeping and I am taking the opportunity to write this. I will also start on my blogging basics.

I hope you are having a good week and hopefully next week I should be able to give you some hands on tips for working at home.

Have a nice day.

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Mama's Moon said...

Quite the contrary - you've succeeded! (in being there for your son when you were needed most!) I know it's a downer sometimes when we've got plans that just can't be accomplished due to our little rugrats (my project of a wall of pictures is STILL yet undone!). But, knowing that the wall will always be there and my son will only be so little for only so long, well, that's what keeps me from finishing it up...

Hope he feels better soon! And that you get your writing time!!!

Linda said...

That is so true! Thanks for that wonderful comment! It's sometimes difficult to see what is needed and what's not.
I know I will have time for my writing when the time is right.
And I hope you can get you wall of pics up :) Thanks!


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